Tourism in and around Albi

Remember, the St Loup cottage is located inside the perimeter of the episcopal city and offers proximity to the best sights of the city.

There, the romantic and enchanting streets of the Old Alby.
50m, the cathedral, a master piece of Southern Gothic, a veritable fortress of brick.
100m, the Berbie Palace, one of the oldest episcopal palace in France (after Avignon), now housing the Toulouse-Lautrec museum.
150m, St Salvy College and the cloister, romanesque and gothic architecture composite of the 12th century and its carved capitals.

For your gourmet escapades :

Within a radius of 300m, many restaurants all as prestigious as diverses and renowned, await you, such as "Le Clos Ste Cecile" " Le Chistera " " La Pergola" "L'Esprit du Vin" and many more brasserie type, tea room or foreign speciality.
If you prefer to cook by yourself, you will find in the same vicinity, several food shops and in particular, the covered market hall (admire its Baltard architecture) daily opened, it offers fresh and local food.

Nature for leisure :

The departure of the « echappée verte » within 50m : 3 trails that criss-cross the Tarn and Caussels banks in a preserved and well maintained nature, will make you pass under the « Pont Vieux » (built around 1040). These trails will take your over 4kms  from the bustle of the city, they are all-weather.
The pier of cruises departing from Albi is 200m from the cottage at the bottom of the imposing battlements fo the Berbie Palace.
Aboard on « the Hirondelle » or « Les Copains d'Abord », barges in the traditional line of a flat-bottomed boat, flotting on the Tarn, you will discover unexpected views on the Albigensian heritage and atmosphere of calm, with the current.

To go further :

The 2 bicycles, at your disposal, will enable you to expand the radius of your findings. Via bike paths, you will, as you wish, visit the urban center with its timbered and cantilevers houses (typical architecture of the Renaissance); join the Parc Rochegude and its four hectares of greenery and its 18th Mansion; taste the pleasure of swimming at the Atlantis fitness center, indulge in the sport, fishing or just enjoy with your family the peace and serenity of the Pratgraussals Leisure Parc, particularly refreshing in a shady edge of its stretch of water with full amenities

To participate in sports or cultural events :

From its position at the center of the town, the St Loup cottage is the ideal accomodation if you wish to participate in various cultural and sporting events that our city organizes throughout the year.
You will find all the details of these events by visiting the websites of the tourist office and town hall at the following adresses : ,

Pour choisir vos visites :


To get lost in the streets of the Vieil Alby, eyes in the air, is the best way to discover our city, Furthermore, our city is listed as Unesco World Heritage

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Ste Cecile Cathedral

A must visit, it is the largest cathedral of bricks in the World, the beginning of its construction dates from the late 13th century; This jewel of Gothic architecture which is reminiscent of a castle, offers the greatest painted surface : 22000 m² including 18000m² of vault.

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Toulouse-Lautrec Museum - Berbie Palace

Toulouse-Lautrec museum contains the largest collection in the world of the artist (1000 works), and the Berbie Palace and its French gardens

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Cordes Sur Ciel

The aptly named, Cordes sur Ciel, rises up its 700 years old stones in the fog. Picturesque streets, artists and craftspeople make it a must visit

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Picturesque village nestled in a bend of the Tarn, so it's named Ambialet peninsula

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Le Sidobre

Natural extension of the Massif Central, a few miles from Albi and Castres, the wild mountainous forest Sidobre cache criosités geological sensational.

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Mining Museum :

Descend into the chasm as minors at the time of coal mining and cover the 350m underground

Visit the website : Musée de la mine